Forensic Services

Forensic Services

With the ever-changing business landscape, commercial crime and negligence perpetrated against individuals’ private companies and state-owned entities have become an epidemic and a grave cause for concern resulting in losses amounting to billions of rands annually.

With over 80 years collective experience in Litigation, law enforcement, financial management, auditing and IT Advisory and we strive to be recognised as industry experts in both the public and private sectors delivering exceptional, reliable and world class forensic services to our clients with the highest level of integrity.

We provide independent, proactive and responsive services through our legal, investigative, accounting and information technology capabilities assisting our clients to protect their businesses from fraud, negligence and non-compliance. Our forensic services comprise of:

  • Fraud Prevention & Detection Services
  • Fraud Awareness Education
  • Fraud Risk & Ethics Assessment
  • Continuous Controls Monitoring
  • Forensic Data Analytics
  • Probity Checks
  • Fraud Compliance Checks
  • Digital Forensic Technology
  • Investigative First Responders
  • Fraud and Corruption Risk Assessment
  • Polygraph Examinations
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Litigation Dispute Services
  • Training, Education and Facilitation
  • Assessment and valuations
  • Investigations (including cyber forensic investigations)

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