Debt And Corporate Recovery

Debt and Corporate Recovery

Our Debt Collection Department specialises in the collection of book debt for small, medium and corporate business clients. Our debt collection department has an intimate relationship with our litigation department in order to facilitate expeditious recoveries.

Our practice management system is implemented by KORBITEC employing GHOSTPRACTICE which has an extensive collections module and provides for efficient as well as effective administration and recovery of debts on behalf of clients.

Our practice has a relationship with several call centers that are used to assist us with bulk collection matters.

Through sophisticated, advanced and intuitive tools, we are able to offer innovative debt collecting and tracing solutions to businesses, clients and colleagues in order to drastically reduce the time and cost involved in locating absconding debtors.

This includes the following:

  • Bank Account Validation;
  • Consumer tracers;
  • Contact information;
  • Debt review;
  • Deeds Search;
  • Director Search/Trace;
  • Employment verification;
  • Identity verification;
  • ID verification;
  • Judgments, defaults and CPA;
  • Online Company Reports; and Tracing;
  • SAFPS information (ID fraud);
  • Vat Number Verification; and
  • Verification of deceased persons;

Our clients can choose from the following tracing reports:

  • Basic reports;
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Company Searches and

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